J.-D.-Lauenstein-Straße 14
D 49767 Twist
Tel. +49-5936-9310-0

Our master company from the motor vehicle guild offers you on an premises about 10.000 square metre all required work for the repair and maintenance of your bu sses and utility vehicles in the workshop.  

Our work, profit for your car pool:  

Maintenance and repairs
The execution from the whole maintenance and repairs would be done by our qualified employees, in particular we offers:  
body-welding work  
brake repairs;  
controlling and calibrate on the speedometer test bed 

Please call !  

Our master office stands for you gladly to the side.

Spare parts supply:  
Smoothly supply from the well sort spare parts store and well organisation and logistics.   

Workshop service car:  
Urgent repairs would be done with pleasure from our mobile Team.  

Busses to lend:  
If you have busses who fall out for a longer time (repair), you could lend busses.  

Association for Technical Inspection and Dekra base  
Two times a week happened the vehicle diminution in our Association for technical Inspection and Dekra base.  






J.-D.-Lauenstein-Straße 14
D 49767 Twist
Tel. +49-5936-9310-0

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